Why There is No Such Thing as Free Instagram Followers

Free Instagram Followers -Why There is No Such Thing?

Your business Instagram should be a platform for collecting followers, engaging with prospective customers, and spreading the word about your brand or business. What began as a creative space for photo sharing has turned into one of the most efficient ways of reaching new audiences for companies around the globe, leading to the number one concern for many Instagram users: how do I get more followers? Don’t trust anyone who offers to get free Instagram followers. No survey offers for these links should be opened with caution.

Free Instagram Followers

What Not to Do

All too often, the answer that comes to business owners’ minds is to Google phrases such as “get free Instagram followers” or “free and fast Instagram followers.”

However, these searches will only result in websites offering short-term answers and often end in disaster for the business owner.

Infamous Instagram purges of the past have left thousands of users wishing they hadn’t spent their time or money on fake Instagram followers, which were found out and deleted by the control team of the website.

Other issues related to “fast and free” Instagram followers sites are a financial risk and identity theft.

Hundreds of users fell prey to compromised accounts and survey scams, which are leaving comments on users’ photos that are clickable links with anchors like “Click_Here_Get_100_Followers.”

If a user falls for this scam, they will be redirected to a page that is designed to mimic the Instagram login page but is hosted by a different site.

Users then enter their credentials like usual, thinking they’re logging into their account – but in reality, they’ve just given their information to scammers.

Are Free Real Instagram Followers too Good to be True?

If a site guarantees you over and over that they don’t need credit card information, or that they will give you followers completely free with no catches – it’s safe to say they are lying to you. Web sites are allowed to do this without being caught for false advertisement. They might not request your credit card info, but instead take your Instagram login credentials and begin using your profile to spam other people. Or they’ll give you followers for free but then demand you pay them after a period of time to keep them.

Phishing websites can be brilliant in their approaches and can disguise their scam pages with taglines like Get more Instagram Followers Free Fast. Or they may advertise on popular sites such as Best Buy, Target, and Starbucks. On the outside, the page appears to be real – but often there will be hints pointing to the fact that it’s a scam, such as a word “giveaway” plastered all over the profile or requesting you enter personal information.

When a company offers to get real Instagram followers free, use good judgment. Loading your business Insta with thousands of fake followers, likes, and comments will put off your right customers. If you’re under the impression that real users can’t tell which profiles are bogus, think again.

Instead of placing the fate of your company with a phishing website, trust the caring experts at Influx Social to increase your Instagram followers for real. At Influx Social, we want to see you truly succeed.

That means accumulating true followers and not pawning off spambots for cash.

The only way to get more Instagram followers fast is to partner with a site like Influx Social, and let us do the heavy lifting.


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