3 thoughts on “The Best Tool for Growing Your Business on Instagram

  1. I love this tool! I get around 30-50 new, real folowers every day – and some even take the time to like many of my pictures. A few have even checked out my YouTUbe Channel and my blog that I am promoting.
    This opens up new opportunities for me. If I have more than 5K Followers by summer next year (which I will have – thanks to you), I can take part in an exclusive event and make many connections that will help me grow even more. I can get strong social proof by putting my follower count in the sidebar of my blog and when I have 1000 Followers, I can sign up for a site that offers spnsorship campaigns for instagramers and other social media influencers in my country.
    I also read in a comment that you’ll be adding twitter. Is this still true? If so, yay can’t wait!
    The only concern I have is that people will hesitate to follow me on Instagram in the future because of a “strange looking” followers to following ratio (in the moment: 265 followers, 2500+ following).

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes we are going to be coming out with the tool for twitter as well. We will keep you updated when this happens.

      Also dont worry about the following part. It will only be for a short period of time and then you will be so many more followers than you could ever follow that it wont really look strange anymore.

  2. Oh, I have a best friend, he has got his own business. And he is promoting it on Instagram with you guys. As he said it finds real followers and potential customers for him. I trust him, so it must be useful tool.

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